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Impact Investigations, Inc. specializes in providing the fastest and most efficient service for process serving, surveillance, and private investigation. Rush services are available and privacy is ensured. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Impact Investigations Inc. has over 20 years of experience providing investigative and surveillance services and handles every assignment like an investigation. We understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance when hiring a private investigator or private surveillance. You need someone who will get the job done.

Investigative Surveillance can be used in association with missing persons, insurance fraud, theft and vandalism, or determining if a parent is fit to have child custody or visitation rights to proving marital infidelity.

Close and detailed observation of a person, place, or thing to gather facts that can be crucial to building a case that will stand up in court. In virtually every case, technology now plays a major role in getting the job done by enhancing an investigator’s ability to gather and document evidence that tells the story of a crime or transgression, and Impact Investigations, Inc. is well versed in the most current practices in these types of surveillance.

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