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Impact Investigations, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assist a process service company with delivering my documents?

The first piece of information required is the person’s current home address. Or, if you’re attempting service at their work address, we will need to know that location, plus what days and hours they work, and, the type of job they perform. For example, do they work inside or outside the facility and, does the company they work to allow service of process on their property.

Next, a picture and physical description of the person being served. It is very helpful to be able to identify the person, especially if they are trying to evade service.

Today, social media accounts can play an important part in identifying and locating an individual. There are over 125 social media companies out there.  Two of the most popular are FaceBook or Linked In.  Check to see if they are active in social media.

If available, a cell and home phone number could be useful to determine their location at the time of the attempted service.

If possible, a description of the subject’s vehicle.  Ideally, this would include the year, make, model, color and license plate.  Plus, any distinctive decals or items in the vehicle.

And finally, if you know anything about the subject’s personal life.  Do they go to a certain bar for sporting events, Do they pick up their children from school, or do they belong to a health club and play volleyball on Tuesday nights.

Any and all personal information could be useful.

What happens if the address and information provided proves to be incorrect?

Sometimes there is a gap of time between the last time you had contact with the subject and the actual time that your case was filed.  If this occurs we make every attempt to determine where they have moved to.  We will ask the current resident if they know the subject or their whereabouts.  We will speak with the neighbors to find out what they might know.  If it’s an apartment complex we will try to speak to them to see if they have a forwarding address.  If this fails to produce a new address for the subject, we can at your request initiate a skip trace.

What’s a Skip Trace and how much does it cost?

A skip trace is a comprehensive search using basic detective skills and a search for the latest computer databases in the industry.  Although we do not have access to restricted Federal and State law enforcement databases, we will use databases available to the private detective industry, and all public databases and social media sources.  And, sometimes with all this computer power, we still have to go out on the streets to talk with people who might know where the subject is currently residing.

The cost of a skip trace is determined by the amount of time it takes to locate the individual and the amount of information that is provided.  A basic skip trace is $75.00, but can go higher based on the number of hours required.

If I’m trying to find a relative, an old friend from school, a past boy or girlfriend. Will you conduct a Skip trace to locate them?

No!  The only time we will perform a skip trace is if there is a legal case pending.  Due to the strict privacy laws, we cannot accept assignments involving a personal nature.

How quick can I expect to have my legal documents served on the defendant?

After your documents are received and processed into our system, we typically attempt service within 3 to 5 days.  This allows us to group papers together for more efficient service, and to keep your costs low.  But if you have an immediate need for service “right now”, we can provide Rush Service.  This means that we put your service at the top of the list.  We will discuss the needs of your case, and make every attempt to get is served within 24 hours.  If the first attempt is not successful we will try again and again to get it served.  We have served Rush Documents in under an hour from receipt.

What happens if the person is evading service?

Occasionally people just don’t want to be served.  They will do everything in their power to evade service.  But, not to worry because this is our specialty.  With over 20 years of experience, we have come up with quite a few methods and techniques to get your difficult papers served.  It could take a disguise or a deception.  Sometimes it’s a matter of sitting surveillance and waiting for them to come out of their residence.  And sometimes it takes luck!  But whatever the situation is, we do treat this type of service with extreme due diligence.  Call us to discuss the specifics and costs for this type of service.

How will we know when the process has been delivered?

Upon completion of your service we will either personally call or e-mail you with the specifics of your case.  This allows us to pass on any specific information that might have come to light regarding your subject.

Is Impact Investigations capable of issuing checks to defendants or witnesses to cover mileage and any ancillary costs incurred by having to travel to a deposition?

Yes! We are prepared to issue checks.  The witness fee will be added to your invoice with a fee of $10.00 per check.