Pre-Employment Screens


Verification of applicant data is crucial when making your hiring decisions.  A poor decision can cost a company thousands of dollars.  Employee theft, fraud, worker’s compensation claims, absenteeism, and turnover hurt a company’s profitability and overall morale.  Effective hiring is therefore critical to the success of your business.

The pre-employment background checks produced by Impact Investigations, Inc. will assist your company in making informed hiring decisions.  Information for these reports are obtained from a wide variety of public records and personal sources.  Our research specialists can assist in customizing the pre-employment report to your company’s particular needs.

The investigative background report provides the factual basis for determining past and present behavioral patterns that could affect job performance.  Failure to conduct a pre-employment background investigation could also subject your company to future liability if employee negligence should occur.  It is much less expensive to hire the proper person in the initial state than it is to remove a problem employee once they are in your organization.

A Partial List of Searches Available:

Criminal History Reports
Social Security Trace
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Worker’s Compensation Profile
Driver’s License Validation
FOID Card (Weapon Ownership)
Civil Court Judgments
State, Federal Tax Liens
Corporation Records
State UCC Fillings

Demise of “Employment at Will”
The notion that you may “hire and fire” anyone at any time is being eroded.  State Courts are finding this premise negligent, and the cause of court action throughout the country.  “Recently an employee was fired for brandishing a gun at a work site while in a very agitated state of mind.  He was fired, only to be reinstated by the government which claimed that his rights were violated.”  The most restrictive states require “a clear and just cause” be shown prior to any dismissal.  Documentation is the key to an adequate basis for this action.

Employee based litigation is on the increase.  Wrongful discharge lawsuits are being won in the State Courts two thirds of the time, and the average jury award is over $600,000.  Careful pre-employment screening will reduce this risk.

Workplace Violence and Theft
According to US Justice Department statistics, the workplace is the scene of over 3 million violent crimes and thefts annually.  Further, a recent survey showed that workplace violence was ranked the number one security issue by 1000 corporate security directors in 1994, as opposed to ranking sixth the previous year.

Reduce Liability
Over the past decade, the numbers of negligent hiring, negligent retention and wrongful termination cases have increased dramatically.  Negligent hiring lawsuits cost between $50,000 and $250,000 to litigate.  The record also states that employers lose 72% of these cases.

Verify Information
The Wall Street Journal reports that over 33 percent of all employment applications and resumes are misrepresented or falsified.  A person who accepts a position under false pretenses is the wrong person for the job. The falsification itself displays a dangerous predisposition for dishonesty, which could easily resurface at a later date.  Lack of appropriate qualifications may also mean the person cannot do the job he/she is hired to do.

Protect Company Assets
Crimes and thefts caused 500,000 victims to lose an estimated 1.8 million work days annually, and according to the US Chamber of Commerce, employee theft costs US businesses more than 40 billion dollars annually.

Reduce Replacement and Retraining Costs

Personnel Journal research shows that the average cost of employee turnover is 1.5 times the salary of the position in question.